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The video for Gretchen Lieberum's take on the Flaming Lips song 'Do You Realize' was directed by Jacob Aaron Estes (Mean Creek) in three afternoons, with a three thousand dollar budget and no lights, shot with a used fifty dollar Canon Super 8mm film camera. With only two people on the small crew, the filmmakers and the artist traveled around Los Angeles through Silverlake, Echo Park, Chinatown, Downtown, Beverly Hills and South Central asking random people on the street for five minutes of their time to pose for a music video. With the exception of a few friends who let the filmmakers into their houses to film them and their children, all the subjects who generously posed for camera were friendly strangers. During the filming, each participant was passed a toy crown to place on their head and each subject then passed the crown off screen to the other side of frame-- to create an illusion in the editing room that the crown is being passed from person to person, starting with the artist in Echo Park, traveling to Santee Alley in the heart of Los Angeles' Garment District to Rodeo Drive and back again. Some of the subjects with more time on their hands to donate were then asked to attempt to lip sync the song, which the filmmakers played them on a cheap CD player and the participants had to learn the lyrics on the spot. The humanistic, equalizing quality of the video, dramatized by the passing of the crown from person to person was a visual-intellectual idea that came from the artist Gretchen herself, who was inspired by the themes of the song and by a friend of hers in Brooklyn named Ken Solomon who for years has been working on something called 'The Wig Project', photographing thousands of local residents posing for camera with the same Afro-wig. Shot by Cinematographers Paula Huidobro & Sharone Meir, Edited by Russell Lichter, with production support by Marc Webb, Hagai Shaham and David Naylor.




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SNL vet Maya Rudolph and LA singer-songwriter Gretchen Lieberum are PRINCESS, a Prince cover band. The two have been singing together since college but it was only recently that the duo turned their mutual adoration for Prince into a musical project. Born out of their collective, life-long obsession with Prince, each performance is a love letter to the Artist himself. Don't Worry, They Won't Hurt U... They Only Want U 2 Have Some Fun.

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Sargent, the new project from singer Gretchen Lieberum and her collaborator Jake Blanton (The Killers, Beck). Sargent is abundant in levitating lullabies and heart-ached ballads backed by cabaret-pop born of vintage instruments.